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  • Welcome to My New Blog!

    23rd Jun 2019 by

    happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light — Albus Dumbledore Hi! This is my new blog and I’m going to be putting on book recommendations, random harry potter facts, wicca rituals etc. subscribe to get all my posts straight to you!

  • Greek Mythology

    15th Jul 2019 by

    Hey, one thing I love about Wicca is that we believe in God’s and Goddesses from many different religions. One that I love in particular is the ancient Greek beliefs. I have always loved all the myths and legends and I’m always excited to find new tales. Here are some of my favourites: The Odyssey… Read more

  • Clumsiness…. Oops!

    28th Jun 2019 by

    Is it just me or do you sometimes just have that day when you end up messing everything up? Yeah, thought so. Like for example, the other day, me and Ravvie (my bff raven) went to go buy some garlic (don’t ask) from the shop. I dropped a garlic on the floor and then went,… Read more

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